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Luigi Pacifico was born in Bari, October 7, 1955. After obtaining the Diploma of Arts under the guidance of Francesco Spizzico, began his activities such as advertising and graphic designer for the music industry. During this period he painted watercolors in the late 70's painting became his main occupation, and organizes and participates in exhibitions national competitions has recorded significant successes. After several years of continuous study and research lands in what is now his technique: a combination of painting oil and collage that enshrines the value and originality. In recent years it has started to carve the stone with making significant results, a mixture of sculpture and stage design using materials Recovery locked in our memory. His works can be found at major public collections and private, auction houses, galleries Italian and foreign, in all the art magazines. Many are the covers of books of fiction and publishing for children.

"... Modern storyteller with a timeless world, we are faced with M works of Louis Pacific, spellbound, caught speechless. Inquel sucked into the vortex of spirals that are the first waves of the sea and then turn in the decoration of the stage ... in the context of the framework, from dream to dream ... it's surreal, reliable and Symbolist also, however, is a storyteller and a fine colorist.
He made the lessons and techniques of the Impressionist pointillism, declining all in a completely new language and personal. But the surrealism of the textbook, as theorized by Breton and designed by Doli, from Magritte, by Chagall, Pacific has inherited this extraordinary ability to tell your subconscious, your dreams on the canvas ... through the endless tale of the color. "

Luigi Pacifio

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